In my experience

People either love Christmas with a passion, or they dread the season entirely. I'm guessing if you're here, you're probably an Elf-level enthusiast and I have to say, you are my people. If you're more of a meh person about it and somehow ended up here, welcome, I'm happy you're here too!

Growing up, we didn't have very much money to celebrate big and though Christmas was still lovely, it was something I wanted to make special for my kids. We have a few different traditions we carry out every year, but Christmas PJ's have become one of my favorites. When I started this tradition, it was just for the kids because I was really insecure about myself and my body. I still struggle, but for the past two years I've joined in, and I cannot describe to you the joy I feel when we're all snuggled on the couch together in matching PJs watching the Polar Express for the 10th time in a row.

I launched my Christmas PJ mini sessions to my email list earlier this week and will be launching to everyone else tomorrow! As of now, I have 6 spots left. I was going to wait to post this until later but I've learned the hard way that we are not the only family that does Christmas PJs, and that means when they hit the shelves they sell out. I always find myself scrambling to find the right size because they sell out so quickly!

There are a few places I go to every year. I've ordered from all of them EXCEPT Amazon. I have seen people selling Christmas PJs for $75 and up on Amazon which is a little more than I'm willing to spend. I always start with Pinterest to check out what look I want to go for and you can check out my inspiration here.


I love the quality of their PJs! They are so soft and they come in sizes for the whole family. I confirmed that the 8 designs they have available are going to be the only ones available this season. Notably missing, is my favorite evergreen plaid, the ones I wanted to do this year! You can check them out here!


I'm actually REALLY excited because Old Navy just launched there Christmas family pajamas collection and it's good! It's so good that I've actually grabbed another set to see which is going to be my favorite. You can check them out here! 


The Wondershop is probably more of a personal Christmas tradition. I like to walk through, Starbucks in hand and see all of the pretty things Target is going to sucker me with. I only have one complaint: The family pajama sets are sold out in the size I need every. single. time. Without fail I am trying to find the missing size to complete our set. This year, I decided to order early (mid October) and still had to settle for a different style than I wanted because the ones I wanted are sold out. May the odds be ever in your favor. You can check them out here!