The Ahle Family

I had the pleasure of celebrating both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with the Ahle family! These wonderful parents wanted to celebrate each other’s dedication to their son by gifting mini sessions. It was so much fun working with them and their sweet boy, Sam. His bright blue eyes and contagious smile make everyone around him fall in love! I had so much fun peek-a-booing, razzing, and making all kinds of crazy sounds with his parents to get these perfect pictures. It was a team effort and I’d say we were successful! Thank you to the Ahle family for letting me capture their beautiful little family.     05-10-14 Chelsey and Sam  04405-10-14 Chelsey and Sam  201

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One Year

I have a little man who is 31 inches tall, 25 lbs and has me completely wrapped around his tiny finger. My family was blessed with this sweet boy June 7, 2013. A year later we are happy to say that we have the best little boy in the world!

His favorite thing to do is walk around holding his shoes (quirky I know), his guilty pleasure is Nilla wafers, his best friend/lunch buddy is a Yorkie, and his smile is contagious. This boy is the definition of charming, he’ll enchant you even in his sneakiest of activities. Like playing finger paint with lotion or emptying out all of the laundry detergent on your newly mopped floors. He’s smart, fast, and always ready to try something new.  We love him for his bravery, and adore him for his sweet heart. Our first year together was hard, and there was a lot of learning to do as new parents. Thankfully, we got the hang of it and now consider ourselves pros (just kidding!) One thing remains a constant in our lives, this little man has our hearts.

Below you will find his one year photo shoot taken during golden hour, the time right before sunset. These pictures are the 13th photo shoot of his first year. I was able to follow through and capture each month, newborn through 1 year. I’ve included that below so you can see how much he’s changed!

Thank you for allowing me to share my son’s first year with you!

06-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 018

06-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 05506-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 10206-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 13006-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 17706-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 333

06-05-14 Alexander 12 months RAW 420diptichfdafdas

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DADDY and Me Board Luca


Dads are truly something special. They work hard to love, protect and provide for their families. They are your son’s first hero, and your daughter’s first love.

I have two experiences with dads, first is my very own. My father is one of the goofiest ones around! Laughing at his own jokes, crazy dance moves, and a knack for getting you to chuckle make you love him. But there is more to him than that, he has always shown compassion for others and how to live life humbly. He has shown me the love a father has for his children, and that it truly has no end.

My second experience with dads is my husband. We are celebrating my son’s first birthday this Saturday, which means we survived our first year of parenthood. Yikes! Looking back it is easy to see the diaper explosions, sick days, and late nights that I went through. But when I look closely I see my husbands dedication to his family. Work trips, meetings, long days, and the weight of the world on his shoulders never kept him from being there. He has worked incredibly hard to give us the very best and guide our family in the right direction.

So to these two unsung heroes I say Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for all that you do. Do you have an awesome dad? Comment below to share!

Mini sessions will be offered June 14th, please feel free to contact me with any questions! Book your slot by emailing or call/text 469.249.2342

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Amanda & Elliot

Late nights, early mornings, showerless days, yoga pants, speed eating, and doing the work of twenty for free are all joys of motherhood. I was honored to capture many memories this Mother’s day, here is a look at one of our Mommy & Me mini sessions.

There is something surprisingly sweet about a mom’s first Mother’s Day. It’s the celebration of how amazing she really is for being able to do everything for her family. Amanda is brand new to the mommy game, but that does not mean she isn’t rocking it! Seeing this mommy and her baby together warms your heart because you know they will love each other forever not only as family, but also as friends.

P.S. We snuck dad in too, because dad’s are also awesome.


Amanda and Elliot Collage05-10-14 Amanda and Elliot 152

05-10-14 Amanda and Elliot 166-3

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It’s funny how life takes you places you never thought you would go.

For me that place was becoming a commissioned artist. One of my photographs has been selected to go up on the walls of USPI Baylor Surgical Center at Las Colinas. Seeing as I’m a portrait photographer I don’t typically go out and shoot as a hobby anymore. The day I took this picture, I lugged my equipment out in the cold and rain looking for the perfect shot. Though that may seem miserable to some, it was just what I needed to bring me back to the basics of doing what I love. To see my picture there on the wall of a beautiful new building was a moment of reassurance that helped me realize that the unplanned victories are the sweetest.

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