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3 Things I Wish Parents Knew Before A Session

Come prepared, like overly prepared.

I honestly believe that packing a bag for a photoshoot is the key to success, especially if you have younger kids. That may sound crazy because you’re going to take pictures, not a road trip. But you never want to be in the middle of a session with a melting toddler without a single snack. Or worse, have a spit-up incident and not have a change of clothes on hand. (Stay tuned for a whole blog post on packing the perfect photoshoot bag!)


Expect things to go crazy.

A photoshoot is a lot like going to church on a Sunday morning. You’re halfway ready, someone’s shoe is missing, you’ve told your kids to get dressed 15 times and it’s time to run out the door so you won’t be late. It’s going to happen. It always does. Brace yourself and prepare as much as you can the night before!



I know, the opposite of what I just described right? But trust me, I do this every day. In my personal life and in my business, I’m surrounded by little people. The fact is, your uncooperative two year old may be driving you nuts, but to me it’s just an opportunity to catch that bubbling personality. There is no tantrum I haven’t seen. I’ve got you, mama. In fact, I want every mom reading this to know that your family is not the only one riding in on the hot mess express. 9 times out of 10, parents come into a session nervous and stressed. This is where your photographer steps in and takes over. Every ounce of expertise in what we do will be given in direction, lighting, composition and posing. All we need is for you to have fun, so relax! So laugh when your 6 year old tells your sibling “smile so we don’t get grounded” and love your tribe!


Scroll through to see the McMullen’s family + maternity session! Their one year old had the best time exploring during our session and graced us with her precious smiles, prayers and peek-a-boo’s all throughout our session. Mom and Dad were so patient and had the best time laughing about life with a toddler. Their sweet baby girl should be here soon. She’s already so loved!




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